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Well what can I say… WOW WOW WOW! 

Well what can I say… WOW WOW WOW!
I have an extreme problem with underarm sweating. I could not find a solution anywhere. I tried underarm pads and they just kept slipping down my body because of the sweat! So I went back into google to try once again to find a solution for myself. That’s when I came across Robert Owen. I read some of the reviews and thought I would take a chance and place an order. They had a deal on so I ordered five undershirts. I was starting a new job the following Monday and knew the sweat issue world certainly raise its head! Also I was so fed up of buying really nice shirts and having them ruined with underarm sweat over time. Anyway the undershirts arrived very quickly. I live in the Highlands of Scotland so wasn’t expecting such a quick dispatch. When I opened the package there was a hand written note from Yvonne thanking me for my business which was a really nice touch. So fast forward to my first week in the new office, nerves we’re running wild and so was the sweat or so I thought….. I went for a coffee break around 10am by this time I had the undershirt on for 2 hours and knew for a fact I would have the dreaded underarm sweat patches on my brand new shirt - but NO! Not a sweat patch to be seen!! I couldn’t believe it, I was in complete disbelief. My confidence immediately shot up! I had finally conquered this awful sweat problem that’s plagued me for years! I didn’t want to write a review straight away so I am now a few weeks down the line and I can confirm these undershirts have not let me down once! Infact I have so much confidence in them now I don’t even go to the bathroom to check if there is any sign of wetness under my arms. Absolutely outstanding work by these guys. Please keep up the good work. P.S. I am writing this review on a plane journey to Italy and guess what I am a nervous flyer (who knew!) haha. Anyway I can report my underarms are 100% dry!!! All the best and thanks again to Yvonne & Robert.

May 2024
Great undershirt 

My first time buying from Robert Owen. The sweat blocking works very well.

June 2024
Very happy

Bought for my husband. He was very happy with it so I ordered another one.

June 2024
Picture of Sweat Protect Undershirt in white showing triple under-arm layer
Picture of front of Sweat Protect Undershirt in white showing deep v neck
Picture of front of sweat protect undershirt in grey
Picture of back of Sweat Protect undershirt in white
Picture of the back of the sweat protect undershirt in grey
Picture of sweat protect undershirt in grey showing the triple underarm sweat blocking layers

Oxford Underarm Shield (Sweat Blocking) Undershirt

Regular price£45.00

If you suffer from excessive underarm sweat, this is the undershirt for you.

Our Oxford Underarm Shield undershirt features a sweat blocking triple-layer positioned under the arm. The sweat blocking technology stops underarm sweat from reaching your dress shirt.

So much better than a vest!

Size chart

If in doubt, size down. Undershirts should be worn as a close fit.

Chest Size
Size inches cm
S 36-38 92-96
M 38-40 97-101
 L 40-42 102-106
XL 42-44 107-112
XXL 44-46 113-118


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If you've not yet experienced a modern undershirt, you might think it to be a little old fashioned - something your grandfather might have worn. Things have moved on. The contemporary men's undershirt is a technical base layer designed for everyday wear, in the office or home.

Breathable, lightweight modern stretch fabrics such as viscose and micro modal and body-contouring design have combined to update the humble vest, turning it into a performance base layer you can wear in the office.

The modern undershirt is as related to the basic cotton vest of old, as a Nike sports trainer is to a 19th-century leather boot. It's an entirely different beast.



It all began because I needed to solve my own problem. I needed an underlayer that stopped my sweat showing on my shirts at work.

I wanted something I could wear all day, that wasn't bulky, didn't make me feel hot and didn't ride up and, importantly, absorbed my sweat on hot days. I couldn't find it, so I decided to make my own. The Oxford undershirt was born. We made a few, and they sold out. So we made more.

We had no idea it would take off as it has - it seems I wasn't alone in needing this solution. Seven years and three product design iterations later, we think we make the best men's undershirts in the UK.



You probably haven't heard of us before. Robert Owen® is a small independent British brand which I started with my partner in 2013.

All designs are exclusive to Robert Owen® and are only available here in our on-line shop - you won't find our undershirts anywhere else.

We design the undershirts in-house because we are fussy about the fit, fabric and function. We don't cut corners.

Take the fabric, for example. Many men's underwear makers mix in cotton because it's cheaper. We don't because we think a cotton mix feels bulky and less refined.

Our undershirts cost a little more, but the feel is worth it.