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"Great product which continues to get even better with each new design"

August 2019


September 2019

"I have one in each colour and couldn’t be more pleased"

September 2019

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Intelligent Layering

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The UK's Best Undershirt Maker

We are the leading British undershirt maker. This is what we do; men’s bamboo underwear as it should be. We like to think we reinvented the men's vest; updated it for the modern era. We’ve agonised over every detail; designing a deep v-neck undershirt, so it won't show when wearing open shirts; a crew neck undershirt for wearing with ties; a sweat proof undershirt that has underarm pockets to fit disposable sweat guards (dress shields). We've deliberately placed the seam off of the shoulder to avoid ridges, placed the care label on the outside, so it will never scratch and made the body extra long, so it'll stay tucked with no adjustment needed. We've hunted high and low to find the right lightweight bamboo fabric to make the best undershirt for men. We admit it; we are a bit nerdy when it comes to design. That's because we aim to make the best men's undershirts in the UK. All our undershirts are made in Britain so that you can be sure of their quality. When it comes to men’s underwear, it pays to go with a specialist. This is your personal space. It’s got to be right.

No More Sweat Marks

Men's undershirts prevent sweat marks. They keep you looking good, feeling confident, even when the heat is on. They take care of sweat while you are taking care of business. Because we use 95% Bamboo and no cotton you'll notice how soft and breathable these undershirts feel. Many of our customers tell us there's nothing else quite like it. The bamboo viscose is sweat absorbing, not sweat wicking. Sweat absorbing is what you need from an undershirt when you wear it under a shirt; to help prevent sweat marks on your shirt. Sweat-wicking undershirts are best kept for the gym. Read more about the difference between sweat absorbing and sweat wicking in this journal article.

Made for Comfort

A lightweight, breathable undershirt will keep you comfortable all day. No more cheap men's vests. You deserve better. This is a purpose built, body contouring, soft and breathable undershirt. It moves with you, gently embraces you, and leaves you feeling so comfortable you’ll forget it’s even there. Designed not to be seen. Designed to absorb sweat. Designed to be your trusted, faithful friend. Once tried you won’t go back.

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Tested and Guaranteed

We road test our men's undershirts in all kinds of conditions to make sure whatever you do it absorbs your sweat, cools you in hot conditions, keeps chilly air away in the cold, and moves with you no matter what you are doing. Function and feel are so important to us that we even ask some of our customers to be product testers for next year's men's undershirt designs. We think we make the UK's best undershirt. We are so confident that once you try it, you'll love it that we cover it with our risk-free guarantee. Try your first one. If you don't love it, you keep it. It's on us. No need to return it.

Is it an undershirt or a vest?

Yes, we are talking about men's vests, but updated for the 21st century. When you think a vest you think of something from childhood or something Grandpa used to wear. This is different. A modern undershirt is a base layer specifically designed to keep you comfortable all day long. Our undershirts are made from natural but technical fabrics, and they are cut to fit your body. This is about taking sports type performance layering and applying it to everyday living. You can wear your undershirt under your white shirt in the office, or under your ski gear if you want a natural performance base layer. Undershirts are common in warmer countries. Italians refer to an undershirt worn under a shirt as 'la maglietta della salute' which translates as ‘the health shirt’ because it defends the body from changes in temperature.