What is an undershirt? Think of it as high-performance innerwear.

An undershirt will keep you warm in winter, cool in summer, and your shirts clean and dry, even when the going gets tough.

Performance Innerwear


Customer Reviews

Our undershirts score 4.9/5.0 from 292 customer reviews. You can read all the reviews here.

Excellent Undershirts!

November 2021

Excellent and personal customer service!

November 2021

Wore it under my shirt at a wedding recently and there were no visible sweat marks.

November 2021

New Design

Oxford UnderArm Shield

Introducing the new Oxford undershirt with new sweat blocking technology under the arm.


The Chester Undershirt

Chester Crew Neck

The classic crew-neck undershirt is the right choice to wear under a shirt & tie. The fabric is 150-gram bamboo viscose - lightweight, soft and highly breathable.

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Deep V-Neck

The v-neck won't be seen even if you wear two buttons open on your shirt. Made from the same lightweight fabric as the crew.

Shop V neck


The perfect undershirt makes a big difference to how you look and feel. Try one, then you'll know.


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A family business

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A promise

Sometimes it takes a little faith to try something new, so I'll make you a promise. 

Start with just one undershirt and wear it a few times. If you don't feel like buying any more, you can have that first shirt for free - a gift from us. 

We are a small British label with eight years experience designing the perfect men's undershirt. It's all we sell, so we do it well. Wear one and see for yourself. 

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Meet the Founder


If you've not yet experienced a modern undershirt, you might think it to be a little old fashioned - something your grandfather might have worn. Things have moved on. The contemporary men's undershirt is a technical base layer designed for everyday wear, in the office or home.

Breathable, lightweight modern stretch fabrics such as viscose and micro modal and body-contouring design have combined to update the humble vest, turning it into a performance base layer you can wear in the office.

The modern undershirt is as related to the basic cotton vest of old, as a Nike sports trainer is to a 19th-century leather boot. It's an entirely different beast.

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A problem solved

It all began because I need to solve my own problem.

You probably haven't heard of us before. Robert Owen® is a small independent British brand which I started with my partner in 2013.

I needed an undershirt I could wear all day, that wasn't bulky, didn't make me feel hot and didn't ride up and, importantly, absorbed my sweat on hot days. I couldn't find it, so I decided to make my own. The Oxford undershirt was born. We made a few, and they sold out. So we made more.

We had no idea it would take off as it has - it seems I wasn't alone in needing this solution. Seven years and three product design iterations later, we think we make the best men's undershirts in the UK.

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Only sold here

All designs are exclusive to Robert Owen® and are only available here in our shop - you won't find our undershirts anywhere else.

We design the undershirts in-house because we are fussy about the fit, fabric and function. We don't cut corners.

Take the fabric, for example. Many men's underwear makers mix in cotton because it's cheaper. We don't because we think a cotton mix feels bulky and less refined.

Our undershirts cost a little more, but the feel is worth it.

Click to shop our full range. Our team in Reading UK will send your new undershirts by Royal Mail Tracked post. Postage is free to the UK.

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