Going to a wedding? A man's dress secret.

Attending a wedding? Wear an undershirt to keep you looking good no matter what the weather. 

As someone who sweats a lot I was dubious as to whether this undershirt would help me. I needed to attend a wedding in Spain this Aug so thought why not try something like this out. Words cannot describe the confidence and joy i felt stood in the blistering heat feeling sweat running down my back but not a single damp/wet patch on my shirt. Not only did it do exactly what it said it would do but it did it for 8 hours straight, my shirt was bone dry upon arriving home. Delivery was quick and the personal note is a classy touch. 10/10
Was going to an outdoor wedding in 27 degree heats so of course as I'm a naturally sweaty person, this was a concern. Through all the sunshine, all the dancing, and all the stuffy ceremony - my shirt remained bone dry. The rest can't be said for my face and hair, however id much rather that than a ruined shirt. Whilst on the expensive side, it certainly does the job very well and doesn't make you feel any hotter - great job!
The Oxford Underarm Shield has added sweat blocking protection under the arm just where you need it most. Try it for yourself. Buy here
A picture of an Oxford Underarm Shield undershirt showing the extra sweat blocking layer under the arm