About Us

Man wearing a crew neck undershirt in white bamboo fabric

British Undershirts

Robert Owen® is an independent British brand with customers in 35 countries.

We are a small independent company specialising in men's undershirts. When I say small, it's me Robert, founder and designer plus my partner Yvonne, co-founder and chief organiser plus our warehouse team in Berkshire.

We design the undershirts ourselves, and we take great care to perfect the fit and fabric, so all you feel is comfort. All our undershirts are made in Britain, including the fabric which comes from an English mill.

In the beginning

I needed to solve my problem - how to avoid sweat marks on shirts. The problem was I couldn't find the right product, so I decided to make my own. That first undershirt worked so well we had a few hundred made to see if they would sell.

I had no idea, so many other people were also looking for that same solution. Five years on, we have customers in 35 countries, we are on the third design iteration, with another, top-secret, product in development.

Shopping as it should be

We love our product. We think it's genuinely useful and, we can tell from the reviews, our customers agree. It's such a pleasure to provide good customer service, just as one might hope to receive. That's the beauty of running a niche independent brand. You can do it your way.

If you have a question about sizing, fabrics or anything about undershirts and base layers, please do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Meet the team

Picture of Robert - founder of Robert Owen Undershirts

Robert - the designer

As described by Yvonne.

He researches materials (he has a passion for design and technology) and tirelessly adjusts designs to get things 'just right'. Robert also looks after the online shop where he agonises over every detail from colour schemes to page layouts.

Picture of Yvonne - co-founder of Robert Owen Undershirts

Yvonne - chief organiser

As described by Robert.

She loves nothing more than organising (just ask her friends), so she takes care of the rest of the business, from dealing with the factory to the logistics of postage and shipping. Yvonne is the queen of lists.