The Chester

Performance Innerwear

So much better than a vest
The Chester is a lightweight undershirt ideal for wearing under a work shirt, jumper or tee-shirt. We make it from 95% bamboo viscose which has a smooth, almost silky feel. It is highly breathable, allowing heat and vapour to escape from your skin while trapping sweat and oils to protect your clothes from the rigours of the day.

The body is 6cm longer than a standard tee shirt. This extra length allows the undershirt to stay tucked in all day. The fit is snug but not tight. It is designed to contour your body for maximum performance and maintain contact with your skin at all time. The fabric has a four-way stretch, so it moves with you comfortably.

The Chester undershirt is available both crew and v neck in two colours - white or heather grey.
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