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The Oxford Undershirt

Reduce sweat stains. Boost confidence.

To sweat is human. Sweating is a remarkable feature of the body, but 1 in 3 of us feel we sweat too much. We can't stop you sweating, but we can help you reduce sweat marks with the right undershirt. Introducing the Oxford Sweat Protect. The Oxford undershirt has an extra layer of absorbent fabric under the armpit to catch more of your sweat before it reaches your work shirt. This undershirt is not sweatproof but, for light to medium sweating, it can help reduce the embarrassment of sweat marks.

Choose from two colours ...


Heather Grey

The Armpit Design

The double layer of fabric under the arm is a unique feature of the Oxford Sweat Protect undershirt. Its job is to catch more of your sweat before the sweat has a chance to reach your work shirt. That's not all. Into this double layer, we've sewn a pocket space. Why? No, it's not a secret stash for your cash ... but it is a convenient place to position a sweat guard for additional sweat protection if you need it. Read more about that in the information box called "Add guards for heavy sweating" below. This undershirt is not fully sweatproof. To make it sweatproof, we would need to have added extra sweatproof layers under the arm. While these additional layers are effective, they are also bulky. To maintain comfort, we left them out and included the underarm pocket so you can choose to add your own sweat guards if and when you need them. The tradeoff for comfort is that too much sweat can overwhelm the undershirt. For that reason, if you think you may have a sweaty day, we recommend you care a spare to change into later. You'll get a boost from feeling fresh, dry and confident for the rest of your day.

Close up picture of the underarm design of the Oxford Sweat Protect undershirt

Ideal for Intermittent Sweating

Perhaps you sweat only in the morning, and then it settles down. Maybe you sweat only after your lunchtime workout, but otherwise, you remain dry. If this is you, the Oxford undershirt is ideal because it has extra absorbency under the arm without the bulk of a full sweatproof undershirt. For maximum comfort, we recommend you have a spare Oxford undershirt with you to change into once the sweaty part of your day is done - see One to Wear, One for Spare below.

Add Guards for Heavy Sweating

If you sweat throughout the day, and mainly from the armpits, then you'll need to add separate sweat guards (available from other retailers) into the underarm pocket of the Oxford undershirt. The pockets hold the sweat guards in place all day, so you don't have to hope the sweat guard stays put by its adhesive backing sticking to the inside of your work shirt. These underarm pocket are a feature unique to the Oxford undershirt, you won't find it anywhere else.

If You Experience Hyperhidrosis

If you experience this condition, you may be interested to hear that we are currently developing a fully sweatproof undershirt, we even have a prototype in testing, but it is not yet ready for production. Let us know via the contact page if you'd like to be kept informed on progress. Of course, you are welcome to give the Oxford undershirt a try, you may find it helps. However, the honest answer is that the current version of the Oxford is not designed to meet your needs.

One to Wear, One for Spare

We recommend you have two Oxford undershirts - one to wear and one spare for later. Use the first shirt as a sacrificial layer for that period know you sweat most. Use the second to change into once your body has settled down. That change of undershirt will leave you feeling dry and relaxed for the rest of the day. A quick change in the gents will do it. No one will notice because your work shirt is unchanged, and your undershirt is always hidden.

About the Price - £32 each

Oxford undershirts cost £32 each (less when you buy three or more), and we completely understand if you scoff at the price. If you already have vests or undershirts that work for you and they cost £15 for a pack of two, why would you spend nearly twice that on one shirt? It's solid logic, and if that is how you feel, Robert Owen is not the brand for you. If, however, you are looking to get the most out of your clothes and feel your best in your work shirt, then our range is worth a look. We use high-quality fabrics, the design is unique to our label, you won't find these undershirts anywhere else. Plus, your first undershirt is covered by our no-fuss guarantee. If it's not right for you, you keep it for free.

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