Picture of a man wearing an Oxford Sweat Protect undershirt in white

The Oxford Undershirt - For Sweat Protection

The Oxford has extra fabric under the arm for added sweat absorption, making it the right choice if you sweat more than average. The double-layer under the arm gives additional protection and helps reduce sweat stains on your dress shirt. If you need even more sweat blocking, you can fit a standard sweat guard (not supplied) into the space between the underarm layers for extra sweat proofing.

The body is 6cm longer than a standard tee shirt. This extra length allows the undershirt to stay tucked in all day. The fit is close but not tight; it is designed to contour your body for maximum performance. The fabric has a four-way stretch, so it moves with you comfortably.

The Oxford undershirt is available only in v neck, but it does come in two colours- white or heather grey.

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2 products