Help for men during hot summer weddings

You are going to a wedding and the forecast for the big day is a heat wave.  Men's dress suits are not designed for hot weather and you need a solution to save both your expensive dress suit and your dignity.

That's where an undershirt can help. It's designed to help absorb sweat and prevent it from soaking into your dress shirt, which can help keep you feeling dry and comfortable. This is especially useful in hot or humid weather, or during activities that cause you to sweat.

Here' what one of our customers had to say:

As someone who sweats a lot I was dubious as to whether this undershirt would help me. I needed to attend a wedding in Spain this Aug so thought why not try something like this out. Words cannot describe the confidence and joy i felt stood in the blistering heat feeling sweat running down my back but not a single damp/wet patch on my shirt. Not only did it do exactly what it said it would do but it did it for 8 hours straight, my shirt was bone dry upon arriving home. Delivery was quick and the personal note is a classy touch. 10/10