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The Oxford Undershirt (Sweat Protect)

£32.00 GBP

Classic Crew Neck Slim Fit Undershirt (The Chester)

£29.00 GBP

Deep V Neck Slim Fit Undershirt (The Chester)

£29.00 GBP

British Made Men's Undershirts 

Experience a layer of luxury with Robert Owen
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Bamboo fabric undershirts, in three unique styles


How to choose your undershirt style


It’s a personal thing. This is the layer against your skin so it’s got to feel right. The fabric of all our undershirts is chosen for its skin feel.  We call it uber soft because it has a silky soft feel. It’s bamboo viscose, which is lightweight and also helps with temperature control.  

The undershirt you choose to wear comes down to both what’s going on top of it and also underneath it.

Which style you should choose depends on what you want to wear with it. 

If you wear a shirt with a tie

If you wear ties then the crew neck is designed for just this purpose - go check out our everyday use crew neck. It comes in four colours so you can blend the undershirt with your shirt.

The crew neck is a slim fit. This means it will be snug against you, feels really comfortable on the skin as well as helps its insulating properties to help regulate your temperature.  It will also tuck into your trousers with no creases.  But don’t worry if you’ve got a small tummy, the fabric has 5% spandex and stretches whilst remaining comfortable.  It’s also extra long so great for tall people and for saying tucked in. The crew neck has short sleeves so you can wear it under short shirts or T-shirts and shirts. It’s the little details, which count, and you’ll notice we’ve moved the shoulder seams forward in a yolk style to avoid any shoulder ridge showing through.

If you wear an open shirt, with buttons undone

If you prefer your shirts open then the deep v neck is designed for this. The v neck is deliberately deep so that you can have up to 2 shirt buttons open without it showing.

There are two styles, which have a deep v neck. If you aren’t that prone to sweating and you don’t suffer from sweat stains under your arms then the every-day v neck is designed for you. This comes in 4 colours so you decide which colours will work with your colour scheme. The v neck also has short sleeves so you can wear it under short shirts or T-shirts and shirts.  Just like the crew neck the shoulder seam is moved forward in a yolk style to avoid shoulder ridge and it is also designed to be a slim fit but with plenty of stretch. It’s also a little bit longer than the crew so if you are a tall man who likes his shirts open this really is the one for you.

If you are a bit sweaty

If you are more prone to sweating the sweat protect v neck undershirt is one you should take a look at.  This style is specifically designed to help with sweat management.  It features a unique double underarm layer to help catch more sweat PLUS a unique pocket to hold a disposable sweat pad if required (not included but easy to buy online).

The enhanced undershirt has a medium sleeve length, to mid forearm. This is slightly longer than most people are used to and this helps with sweat management. As with the other two styles is has the shoulder seams forward in yolk style to avoid any shoulder ridges showing through.

The enhanced v neck is a regular, not slim, fit. This means it has a little more material in it. It’s long enough to stay tucked for most people but not extra long so suits those of average height.

Undershirt trivia

Did you know that in Italy an undershirt is called a canottiera?

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