No One Wants A Sweaty Groom ...

So, it’s your wedding day. Perhaps you are cool-as-a-cucumber, calm and relaxed. Or, the big day is still somewhere on the horizon and you are already buried under a million decisions – which flowers, the open bar, the chicken breast or the beef vol-au-vent. Maybe you are even a little bit nervous, too.

Picture of bride and groom dancing

Though we may not be able to help you choose the flowers or the music, we go straight to priority A. We can help you feel comfortable and confident all day on your big day… The part of your wedding that deserves the most preparation is you.

Introducing our hottest wedding tip: the undershirt. Because, let’s face it, no one wants a sweaty groom. Whether its nerves, the dancing, or that heavy, tailored, suave-as-Bond jacket that you aren’t taking it off for anything, there’s bound to be something during your wedding that gets your pits going. But you’ve got to stay feeling fresh and sharp from the ceremony to the bedroom, and the last thing you want to immortalise in a photo-shoot is a sweat patch.

picture of groom and best man side by side

Enter the undershirt

Our undershirts are designed to be worn under a formal shirt: they will stay invisible and tucked in (no unruly shirt tails) and will keep you snug in winter and sweat-free in summer. Made from 95% Bamboo Viscose mixed with 5% Spandex (for stretch and durability), our undershirts breathe. Bamboo viscose has a smooth filament, just like silk, which gives it that unmistakable sleek feel that is ideal for wearing next to your skin. They are comfortable, invisible and move when you move.

picture of tan sweat protect undershirt under a shirt

We offer slim and regular fits, with V or crew neck, long or short sleeve, and a long length that stays tucked in. It’s durable and technical and keeps the body at a more even temperature. It’s also an absorbing material, meaning sweat is absorbed and then evaporates to cool (as opposed to moisture wicking where sweat is taken away from the body and onto an outer layer). We believe that absorbing is best for avoiding unsightly armpit stains: wearing that extra moisture-absorbing layer next to your skin will keep your best dress shirt safe from a good drenching and the horrifying consequences – yellow stains.

What about that guy on TV with the fish under his arms ?

That’s all very well and good, but what about the heavy-sweaters and boogie-badmans?* Our undershirts have an enhanced 'sweat protect’ feature; a double underarm layer that can hold sweat pads if needed. Stay feeling fresh and sharp ’til the small hours: remember, you’ve still got to feel great for the night ahead…

You Don’t Like It? It’s On Us

We only sell online at Robert Owen Undershirts: you can’t buy our undershirts anywhere else and the designs are exclusive to Robert Owen. We like it that way so that we can maintain the quality, and excellent customer service.

To help new customers find out for themselves we offer a guarantee. If anything isn't right with their first undershirt they get to keep it for free. You get a full refund without the hassle of having to post a return (terms and conditions can be found on the website).

And the best thing? This undershirt isn’t just for your wedding. Wear it for those work meetings, long hours at the office, your first-anniversary dinner, or even under your favourite tee at the weekend. Why not be comfortable and free from sweat marks all the time?

Be bold. Try an undershirt today, for your big day, and every day.

*Our shirts are designed for reasonable partying only. If you are going to really let your hair down, you might be beyond help. Just go for it, own it, throw those shapes: show them you were born to dance.