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How not to wear an under layer

Robert Kay

Posted on July 25 2017

Written by Yvonne Roach
Co-founder and chief organiser


An under layer has many benefits but worn incorrectly this layer can seriously ruin your look - just as your boxer shorts can. 

Any under layer (your pants included) shouldn't be the first thing someone notices in your outfit; it should do its job in the equivalent of visual silence.

Picture of boxershorts showing under trousers


Your under layer should not be a bright colour (yellow, pink, turquoise). It should not be shouting "look at me, look at me". This is not visual silence.

Picture of bright pink T-shirt under a white shirt


It should not be showing, poking out from your shirt, performing a version of the child's game of "peek-a-boo." This is also not visual silence,

Picture of black T-shirt showing under a shirt


It should not be causing unsightly ruffles around your middle, making you and others wonder if you had a burger and fries too many.

This is visual unpleasantry - not visual silence.

That's not the way to wear this all important layer.


Instead, choose a purposefully designed undershirt made from a sweat absorbing material.

An undershirt either has a deep v neck to remain hidden under open shirts...

picture of undershirt with open shirt


.... or a crew neck for wearing with ties without the neckline showing. The undershirt is also closer fitting and made longer in the body to stay tucked in and prevent any bulk from ruffles.

Man wearing tie with undershirt not showing


Some tips to prevent the visual shout:

1) Keep all your brightly coloured T-shirts in your drawer unless you're wearing them alone or under a thick hoodie, a chunky knit turtleneck, or a poncho

2) Buy enough undershirts to last you all week so you aren't tempted to pop on that unsightly T-shirt.


I hope you enjoyed the do's and don'ts of that all important first layer!


Oxford men's undershirt in bamboo Chester V-Neck  Picture of Chester crew neck men's undershirt

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