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Why wear an undershirt?

An undershirt works by acting as a barrier, it's almost like having a second skin. Light sweating and residues from antiperspirants and deodorants, plus oils excreted from your skin, are trapped by the undershirt before they reach the fine cotton of your shirt. That means less chance of sweat marks during the day and no build up of yellow under your shirt arms.

What if I try it on and don't like it?

That's no problem. All you'll need to do is send us an email and we'll sort it out. Job done.

Won't it make me hot?

No. The bamboo viscose fabric (also called rayon from bamboo) has been carefully selected because it is breathable and light on the skin. It feels totally different to wearing a cotton T-shirt. Moisture from your skin is absorbed by the fabric which then evaporates, cooling your body.

Why does it cost more than a basic cotton T-shirt?

Yes our undershirts cost a little more, it's true. That's because they are made from a premium fabric which feels much nicer on your skin. This type of fabric was invented as a substitute for silk, and once you feel the silky softness you'll understand why. In addition to this we prefer to have our products manufactured in the UK so we can ensure top quality. The premium fabric combined with the quality manufacturing make for a comfortable and durable product.

How is it tailored to fit?

The design follows the contours of your body to be inconspicuous under your formal shirt. The shoulder seams have been positioned off the ridge of the shoulder to match your shirts seams, so there's less chance of showing. The body is long and tapered to avoid bagginess because most men's chests are broader than their waists. But don't worry if that's not quite your shape as the fabric has 5% elastane (spandex) to make it comfortably stretch to your unique shape.

Will it pull my tummy in?

No. This is not a compression shirt. You need something else for that. This will however give you a nice overall look (and feel) with your shirt off, plus you'll feel more natural as the you nature intended.

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