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Sweat marks getting you down?

Yvonne Roach

Posted on May 24 2017

Written by Yvonne Roach
Co-founder and chief organiser

We all sweat. But, on some occasions, it can get uncomfortable, or embarrassing. Especially on occasions when we get nervous. Maybe you have a presentation to do, or are going on a date, or attending an interview? Whatever gets your heart rate up can also raise up your sweat levels.

In these situations, there are a few things you can do.

1. Use antiperspirant or deodorant

Use a good antiperspirant or powder, especially during the summer months. If you don’t like spraying, use a powder or rock crystal deodorant. Both of these act as a deodorant by protecting against bacteria which helps to neutralise odour. Be aware that whatever you use this is likely to end up on your shirt so you may want to consider using a sweat pad (see 3) or wearing an undershirt (see 4) to help protect your outer layer.

2. Remove underarm body hair

Yes, remove your excess body hair. Your antiperspirant needs to come in contact with your skin to effectively protect against body odour and control sweating. This becomes a problem when your armpit hair is long as it acts as an obstacle between the product and your skin. Take control by giving yourself a little trim, or, if you are brave, take it all off by underarm waxing.

3. Use sweat pads or sweat shields

Use underarm sweat pads. These usually have a sticky side that adheres to your skin, or clothing, forming a physical barrier between your sweat and clothing. These are inexpensive, and there are many varieties available on-line.

4. Wear a moisture-absorbing undershirt

Although it might sound counter-intuitive to wear an extra layer, smart layering can help to stop sweat showing through on your clothes. You need to pick an undershirt made from the right material and designed for your outfit.

What to look for in an undershirt

Smart Design

Undershirts are designed to be fitted; they are a closer fit than the average t-shirt. You might think that since your undershirt is hidden under another shirt that fit doesn’t matter as much. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A poorly fitted undershirt can add bulk and bunching in all the wrong places, making you look larger than you are and giving you that misshapen look.

Undershirts also need to be long enough to be tucked in comfortably. There’s nothing worse than an undershirt riding up and becoming untucked. It’s uncomfortable and again looks like you have a spare tire.

Undershirts are specifically designed to absorb sweat and protect your outer shirts by having sleeves. The problem with a sleeveless vest is it doesn’t help prevent armpit stains if you are wearing a shirt you care about or tend to have sweaty armpits!

Undershirt Fabric

The best quality undershirts use thin, more technical materials which are moisture absorbing. Good undershirt fabric is designed to be worn under other garments, and it helps protect and absorb sweat without adding any extra bulk.

Undershirt Style

There are two main styles to consider: crew neck or v neck. How to choose?

Do you wear an open collar or buttoned up shirt with a tie?

If you’re wearing an undershirt under a shirt, the undershirt should NOT be seen. This means that if you are wearing your collar open without a tie, you should make sure your undershirt has a deep v-neck so that it does not peek out from under your shirt.

If you prefer to wear your shirt buttoned up with a tie, you should opt for a crew neck, as it will be hidden by the collar; for shirts with a very thin fabric you may also prefer a crew neck, so the outline of the v-neck doesn’t show under your tie.

What colour undershirt?

In most large high street stores when looking for a vest or undershirt, you tend to be confronted with one colour choice - white. But we don't all wear white shirts and, sometimes, white undershirts show more than a light tan colour.

At Robert Owen, we believe that an undershirt should be a close match to your shirt colour.

What makes Robert Owen Undershirts different?

We think we designed the best men's undershirt; our designs are unique.

The Chester in deep v neck

The Oxfort Sweat Protect

The v neck undershirts have a deep v so that you won't see them under an open shirt. They have a yolk style shoulder to avoid shoulder seam ridge. We don't skimp on the fabric. The Chester design comes in classic crew and deep v and has an extra long body for tall men who want an undershirt that'll stay tucked in. 

We use a 95% bamboo viscose 5% elastane fabric which is lightweight, absorbent and super comfortable to wear with 20% four-way stretch. We spent a long time choosing it, and we love the buttery soft feel. It’s light weight and as the fibres allow for body temperature regulation it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It's a moisture-absorbing fabric.

If you are prone to sweating then we have designed an undershirt specifically for you; our enhanced sweat protect undershirt (the Oxford). This has a unique double underarm design you can’t buy anywhere else which makes it a great sweat absorbing undershirt. It also has a hidden pocket where you can put a sweat pad (if needed).

All our styles of undershirt come in four colours: Ivory white, tan, sky (light) blue and midnight (navy) blue so that you can choose the colour which most suits your style. 


The Oxford
Extra Sweat Protection
The Chester Crew Neck
Classic Crew Slim Fit
The Chester V-Neck
Deep V Neck Slim Fit

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