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Saving sheets from night sweats

Yvonne Roach

Posted on March 28 2017

Written by Yvonne Roach
Co-founder and chief organiser
Picture of co-founder Yvonne Roach

Do you ever suffer from night sweats? Do you find yourself waking up with sweat dripping from your body? Do you need to change the sheets more than you want?

I do, and I've recently found a solution and, while it's our product, I thought it was worth sharing as I bet there are more women out there suffering, like me.

Night sweats. Yuk! I've suffered from night sweats for a lot of my adult life; I seem to get them whenever my liver detoxes (yes, ok, when I've been drinking too much) and I almost always suffer from night sweating around the time of the month (my hormones going crazy, I guess). I will wake up with sweat dripping from me. Sheets are soaked, and it's uncomfortable. This is also getting worse as I head into my menopause (oh joy!)

For some people night sweats can be a symptom of deeper problems (please see a Doctor if you are concerned); mine are mostly hormone related and considered normal.

I hadn't considered trying an undershirt to sleep in; it seems strange now as it's a product designed to help with sweat absorption, but it hadn't crossed my mind.

It was a female customer who told me her mother was wearing our undershirts to bed, to help with night sweats. She was purchasing a few more, and she explained they were not for wearing as an undershirt but wearing for wearing to bed!

This wasn't something I'd thought of doing before. I wore my Robert Owen men's undershirts in the evening as lounge wear, but not to bed. We'd had some made in extra small just so I could test and experience the undershirt but as it's designed for a man, not for women, I hadn't considered it to be something I'd wear to solve my problem.

I decided to give the bamboo undershirt a go and found it worked brilliantly. We haven't designed the undershirt for women, but sweat-absorbing night shirt it's super comfortable.

Why does this men's undershirt work so well for women's night sweats?

To start with, the material in the undershirt is bamboo viscose. This is what's known as a moisture absorbing fabric. Moisture absorbing materials have fibres designed to capture/absorb sweat. So what happens is your sweat gets caught in the fabric, and it doesn't go onto your cotton sheets. Brilliant eh?

I now wear an undershirt to bed and keep a fresh one close so that I can change it in the night if I wake up sodden. It's far easier than changing the sheets, and as it's lightweight, I hardly notice I have it on.

In our range, there are two styles of men's undershirt. I usually wear the crew neck to bed. This is made extra long, and so it's more like a mini nightshirt on me, but I like that. The second style which is helpful for heavy sweating nights is the sweat protect. This has a double underarm panel, so it absorbs, even more, sweat from this region. It's not as long, so it just covers the upper body so is better if you have fidgety legs.

As the undershirts are designed to be fitted, they don't ride up too much. I am sensitive when it's my time of the month, and so I tend to wear clothing for comfort only. The undershirt material is so soft that it's ok for it to be a bit more fitted. It hugs the body meaning it doesn't end up getting twisted as you wiggle around.

So thanks to one of our customers I found a solution to sweating at night with my very own men's undershirt by Robert Owen. Sometimes solutions are staring you in the face, but you need someone else to show you the way!

I'm sorry that we're not yet branching out into women's wear (we are small) but I'd love to hear from you if you want to try out our product as a night shirt for helping manage night sweats. I'm happy to advise on sizing (etc.) just drop me an e-mail


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