Safeguard that Signature Sweater

 Jumper and jeans (Ok, ok, North America people, sweater and jeans). You know the look. Elegant, casual, effortless. Perfect for that Sunday morning just popped out to get my latte and paper. It's the classic look, great without even trying. It's great for the weekend, during the day, especially when you've been wearing shirts all week.

Picture of men wearing jumpers from ASOS and Men's Fashion

But, wait a moment, there are a couple of issues to consider. First, some jumpers look great but feel horrid on the skin. Itchy and irritating sum it up well. This is mainly to do with the length of the fibres and the degree to which they are made parallel in the production process. Short fibres, sticking out from the yarn, make for a fluffy look, but all the resulting fibre ends tickle the skin - making it feel itchy. There are numerous homespun solutions offered involving all manner of treatments. My favourite is to wash the jumper with glycerin or vinegar. Or if that doesn't work try hair conditioner. I'm all for home chemistry experiments, but I doubt you'll have a handy bottle of glycerin in your cupboard, and no, you can't use the balsamic.

The second issue is the washing. Wollen jumpers are delicate things that don't respond well to being pounded around in hot washing machines and tossed over the radiator or clothes line to dry. Oh, the times we've had laughing at the transformation of a favourite jumper reduced by an accidental 40° wash to a mini-me version of its former glory. To be honest, many jumpers are much more machine-wash-friendly these days, but they do still require a little work. Like primadonnas of the wash, they need to be gently massaged back into shape, followed by a pampered lie flat on a towel to recover from the agony of it all. Not only that, but you can just tell, each wash is going to take a little bit of life out of the poor thing, unless that is, you are wearing an original Guernsey sweater. Not so much a jumper, more of a bulletproof survival jacket for fishermen. They say, come Armageddon only cockroaches will survive. I'm not so sure there won't be one or two Atlantic fishermen in the mix. A bit dazed and confused but otherwise unharmed, protected by blast-proof knitwear.

The solution to these two 1st world problems? Kill two birds with one stone. Slip on a silky smooth undershirt under your jumper. Not only does it save you from the itchy scratchiness of your jumper, it also saves your jumper from your natural body oils and sweat. You feel better, and your jumper lasts longer between washes. The best men's undershirts are breathable, smooth, and very skin friendly. I'm not talking about any old cotton tee-shirt. No, leave that for a beautiful summer day. I'm talking about a specifically designed bit of kit. Your undershirt should be fitted. It should come with a choice of deep v neck or crew neck. It should feel like heaven on your skin. It should be absorbent to lock in your sweat. It should feel substantial but not heavy. The latest modal and viscose fabrics exactly fit this bill. The filaments of these fabrics are smooth and parallel giving incredible skin feel. They breathe well, absorb sweat and, some tests have shown, discourage bacterial growth reducing odour. These fabrics make the best men's undershirts. Wearing a modern undershirt is like slipping on a silk lining for your body. 

At Robert Owen, we focus on how clothes feel on the skin. That's why we focus on base layers made from fabrics that work with your skin and body. Right now we are focusing on helping men with their sweat problems. Our sweat proof undershirt is our own design, with unique features, exclusive to Robert Owen Undershirts. We call it the Oxford Sweat Protect. We also have a second style for everyday wear which is a slimmer fit undershirt specifically designed for tall men - The Chester in v-neck or crew neck. Not surprisingly we think they are the best men's undershirts available in the UK, perhaps the best undershirt in the world. Both undershirts are made from bamboo viscose fabric for a soft feel and good sweat absorbency. 

Try one today. We think you'll love it. Your jumper will thank you.