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Why Wear An Undershirt?

Men's undershirts are common in some parts of the world yet hardly worn in others. You may not have considered wearing one before, but here’s why wearing an undershirt will benefit you.


  • Purposefully designed not to show or get untucked
  • No more ugly stains on shirts
  • Helps prevent sweaty underarms
  • Prolongs the life of your shirts
  • When it's cold, it keeps you warm
  • Keeps unruly chest hair at bay
  • All in all a more finished look

Undershirts are purposefully designed

They are designed to either have a deep v neck to remain hidden under open shirts, or a crew neck for wearing with ties. They are also made longer in the body to stay tucked in.

Undershirts protect your shirts

They act as a comfortable barrier between more expensive outer layers. Most people wear antiperspirant, or deodorant, which tends to end up rubbing off and staining shirts. An undershirt prevents this.

Undershirts help prevent sweaty armpits

On days when you get a bit sweaty, the undershirt also acts as a first layer, absorbing any sweat and helping to prevent it showing on your outer layer. The fabric we use, bamboo viscose, is good at temperature regulation as it absorbs sweat to then evaporate with air.

All in all a good undershirt will help prolong the life of your shirts.

Undershirts keep you warm in winter

Let's not forget that they also keep you warm when it’s cold and being a soft layer against your skin are also often more comfortable than an outer layer alone.

And one further advantage; if you need to keep unruly chest hair at bay, a crew neck undershirt can help. If not needed or wanted the deep v neck will show your plumage!

The Undershirt VS The T-Shirt


Undershirts are a close fit; T-shirts are loose meaning you get unsightly folds.



Undershirts have a deeper v neck for wearing with open-necked shirts; T-shirts don't.



Undershirts are long in the body to stay tucked in; T-shirts are designed to stay out of your trousers.


Undershirts are designed to be light weight, made from soft, moisture absorbing fabric; T-shirts are designed to be seen.


Image of a man wearing an undershirt whilst reading a newspaper

Why’s is an undershirt it different to a T-shirt?  

Undershirts are designed to have a close fit, laying against the skin while T-shirts are generally a loose fit meaning you get unsightly folds if you tuck them in. Undershirts either have a deeper v neck for wearing with open necked shirts (so they can’t be seen), or they have a flat crew neck for wearing under a tie. Good undershirts are longer in the body to stay tucked in; this means no chance of untucked material or needing to adjust yourself. Finally, undershirts are designed to be lightweight, moisture absorbing (to catch your sweat) and soft against the skin. Once you put it on you will usually forget you have it on.

The Undershirt VS The Standard Vest


Vests just aren't cool. We all moved on from the cheap white vest of the 50's.


Vests don't have sleeves so they can't protect your shirts from those ugly stains.


Vests are often visible. Modern Undershirts are often not.


Undershirts (good ones) look and feel great when worn alone; Vests don't.

How’s an undershirt different to a vest?

Let’s start with the simple fact that Vests just aren't cool (mostly) and they don’t look great when worn alone. A good undershirt looks great as a first layer. Vests don't have sleeves so they can't protect your shirts from either deodorant or sweat stains and, due to their shape, vests are often visible. Modern Undershirts are often not seen, especially when they are colour matched.