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We love to hear from our customers.

We’re small enough that we (Rob and Yvonne – we’re the founders) read every e-mail personally. We promise that we will respond to you directly if you’ve contacted us either through this contact form or via our e-mail ‘’.

Your comments and feedback are what we operate for and it makes our days a little brighter hearing what you think (especially the positive but the negative helps us to improve so that’s pretty cool too). We’re constantly striving to improve everything we do. For example, we incorporate customer suggestions into our design changes and into our thinking around new styles. So if you write to us, and give us suggestions or ask for changes, you are part of our design team and influence the undershirts we make.

For example, we received feedback that tall people needed an extra long undershirt, and we designed for this. We also originally only made a deep v neck and received feedback that a crew neck was preferred by some people, so we added this. We were told that it’s (almost) impossible to get any colours, so we took a deep breath and produced 4 different colours. We’re delighted that these are popular and hope to further extend our colour range; we’ve already had a couple of requests for grey.

If you have any questions on sizing, which undershirt is right for you, or your outfit we’re here to help.

If you have any suggestions for new designs, colours or improvement to current styles, we’d love your views to help with our decisions.

Or, if you just want to say ‘hi’ we’d be delighted to hear from you too – we just love hearing from our customers.

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