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The best fabric to wear against skin

We've selected the best fabric for you to wear against your skin.

It will keep you cool in summer, warm in winter and is so soft you may even forget it's on! When you wear an undershirt, or vest, you want fabric that moves with you. You want to feel confident it won't show, it won't itch, scratch or need tucking in.

We love fabric; modern fabrics which are purpose designed. We researched far and wide to find the perfect fabric for our men's undershirts.  We discovered a bamboo viscose mix and we think this fabric makes the best and softest undershirt ever.


Bamboo Viscose, also called Rayon from Bamboo, is made by reducing the bamboo fibre to a liquid cellulose mixture which is then 'spun' into smooth filaments. Viscose can be made from any wood source, we prefer the 'bamboo' version (and hope you agree) for the reasons below. 


The 95% Bamboo Viscose combined with 5% Spandex in a jersey weave allows the undershirt to stretch by up to 20%. When you move it moves, making you forget you have it on.


In our experience bamboo viscose fabric keeps the body at a more even temperature, like an advanced technical fabric. Sweat is absorbed to then evaporate with air. Cold air is kept away from the skin.

Silky soft

The bamboo viscose has a smooth filament, just like silk. The process of making viscose fabrics was invented over 100 years ago as a method of making 'affordable silks'. That's why it's so unbelievably soft and we love it.

Oxford sweat protect mens bamboo undershirt
mens crew neck bamboo undershirt
mens deep v neck bamboo undershirt


The smooth filaments in viscose fabrics let air and moisture vapour pass through to let your skin breath.


Bamboo viscose fabric will last when washed at low temperatures. In our own tests, running over two years, we've noticed this fabric getting softer the more it's washed. There will be some minor pilling, as you'd expect over time.


Bamboo doesn't need much irrigation - cotton does. Unfortunately, chemicals are still required during processing. We won't claim it's green but, because it grows fast, with less water impact, we think it’s an OK environmental choice.



  • Wash at 40°C on a gentle wash programme
  • Tumble drying possible but not recommended (fabric remains soft but may pill)


  • 95% Bamboo Viscose (also called Rayon from Bamboo) and 5% Spandex
  • Jersey weave with 20% stretch
  • Fabric weight is 175 Grams per Square Meter (GSM)
  • Fabric sourced from Belgium (originates from China)
  • Undershirts are Made in Britain

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