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Our space is a personal space, a private space. That place in the morning that is yours, before others are awake. When you set your intentions for the day ahead. When you resolve to do good and kind work with whoever you encounter today. Our undershirts slip onto your body and then slip under your shirt. Unseen, unnoticed but always there, front and centre, with you as you tackle the day ahead.

A good undershirt is lightweight and breathable. It insulates your body from cold air and absorbs any sweat before it makes a mark on your shirt. It keeps you feeling 'just right' all day, so you can be your best.

To work this well a man's undershirt needs to be thoughtfully designed. That's what we do. That's all we do.

We spend time choosing the right fabric. Agonising over the tiniest detail; the placement of a seam, the length of a sleeve, the contour to the body. Everything is considered. And where it's needed we build in extra features. The extra protection under the arm, the extra length in the body, the depth of the v.

We work with our customers to improve. We listen, we design, we test, and, when it's right, we offer it to you.

Where does it stop? It never stops. One day perhaps perfection. Until then, it’s a daily practice of care, thought and design.