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Micro Modal

If you are looking for an undershirt that absorbs sweat and feels so light that you almost instantly forget you are wearing it, then you need the micro modal range. Micro modal is perfect for underwear because it is twice as soft as cotton and more absorbent so its better at trapping your sweat before it makes a mess of your shirt.

Our micro modal has a density of 125 grams per square meter which makes it the right choice for summer wear. We mix it with 6% elastane to give it a four-way stretch for a really comfortable undershirt that is fitted to the body but not tight.

The micro modal range is available in white, heather grey and brown. There's even a long sleeve version of winter sports. Top-tip: the heather grey undershirt is the least visible under your shirt, even white shirts.

A picture of a Chester V Neck micro modal undershirt in heather grey
A picture of an Oxford undershirt in micro modal in brown
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