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The Perfect Christmas Gift for any man

Yvonne Roach

Posted on November 16 2016

Written by Yvonne Roach
Co-founder and chief organiser
Picture of co-founder Yvonne Roach


Year after year we can struggle to come up with new gift ideas for the men in our life.  Buying an original Christmas gift for the man, who seems to already have it all, can be frustratingly difficult.

Think no further.

We have a solution.  

An undershirt  designed by Robert Owen.  


It's a modern undershirt made out of bamboo viscose fabric which is breathable, temperature regulating and, above all, super soft.  

Yes okay, you could call it a modern vest.  What! A vest, you say?  Let us explain.

This is no ordinary vest; this is no ordinary gift.  It may look like many other products on the marketplace but that’s because you can’t yet feel the softness of the natural bamboo material.  You haven't yet seen the attention to detail in the design, from yolk style shoulder seams to avoid a shoulder seam ridge, to extra length to ensure it stays tucked in. You can’t yet imagine the soft embrace of the undershirt, nor can you imagine the ‘ready break’ feeling as the wearer stays warm inside even when it's cold outside. Even more; this undershirt has an ability to absorb moisture (commonly called sweat) when it gets hot, this moisture then evaporates and keeps the wearer cool.  It's pure genius; all found in a humble item we call an undershirt. 

This is a gift that is perfect for all the men in your life; your dad, grandad, brother and boyfriend.  Our undershirts even come ready wrapped so it really is Christmas wrapped up!

The perfect gift for your dad or grandad

We can (almost) guarantee he won’t have one.  We are a small company and not many people have found us (yet).  Your dad or grandad may not even be an online buyer (and we’re only online) so there's a 99.99999% probability he won't have come across us. He'll love that extra bit of comfort that he's unlikely to buy for himself (until he realises just how good it is). We'd be honoured for the introduction.

The perfect gift for your brother

Whether your brother wears t-shirts, shirts of gym gear there's an undershirt for his style. The undershirt comes in three styles and four colours so all you need to do is decide which styles and colours are right for him.  

To help you decide:

If he wears a tie?  Buy a crew neck undershirt

If he wears open shirts? Buy a deep V-neck undershirt

If he's a bit of a sweaty man? Buy an enhanced sweat protect undershirt

The perfect gift for your boyfriend

This is also a great gift for your boyfriend.  It not only feels great but looks great and makes for a more finished look.  It comes in some pretty groovy colours too and he will (probably) look sexy in the midnight blue. It’s likely he won’t want to take it off; it's that comfortable.  We’ve had feedback that once tried it gets washed and is straight back on; be that for work, play, or for sport.

Can't decide which is the right gift for him?

Let us make that easy.  Buy him one of each style to try.  If you buy three (mix and match) use the discount code GIFT3 and you’ll get a 10% discount on your order at till.  This offer is only valid until December 20th, 2016.

And one last note on this perfect gift... it's also a great item for the buyer to steal, so is a perfect gift for you too... if you can get your hands on it!



Co-founder of Robert Owen Undershirts

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