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Stay warm without the Ready Brek

Robert Kay

Posted on January 30 2017

Written by Robert Owen Kay
Founder and designer
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For those of you who are of a similar age to me, you'll remember the 'Ready Brek' adverts with the kids radiating warmth (or was it radioactivity?) after eating their bowl of Ready Brek.

"Get up and glow with Ready Brek."

For those of you shouting 'YES! I remember' ... yes, the 1980's was a long time ago, we are that old now.

And those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about; here's a clip

Sadly, for my nine-year-old self, it was just the magic of television. In reality, there were no glowing kids. Had it worked I think we would have all ditched our Weetabix, Rice Crispies or Cornflakes to get that radioactive glow each morning.

So now we are all grown up and cynical how does one create a warm glow from the inside? Well, I think the trick is not so much to create a warm glow on the inside - my metabolism can do that perfectly well on its own - but to keep the cold drafts away from your body. For that, you need an insulating layer against your skin; in other words a modern undershirt.

An undershirt which is fitted to your body will sit snuggly on your skin and insulate you from cold drafts. You need the right fabric because you need it to be breathable, soft and natural feeling on your skin. If it fits properly, then it'll act as a buffer, keeping the shock of cold air away from your body.

What is the best undershirt to wear?

At Robert Owen, we think your skin is amazing, and we consider your first layer it to be the most important layer. We'd always recommend getting something which is purpose designed for your activity.

Regarding the best undershirt to wear we would, of course, recommend our own brand, Robert Owen. We design our undershirts to fit close to the body for a snug feel and good insulation. You can wear it all day hidden under your dress shirt. Think of it as a technical base layer for the office. We have a range of styles depending on what you need, and what you wear (tie, open shirt, etc?) 

What is the best material for your first layer?

The fabric we use for our undershirts is a lightweight bamboo viscose fabric. We spent a long time choosing it, and we love the buttery soft feel. It feels light and smooth to wear. The fibres are derived from wood it feels natural on the skin. It absorbs moisture (sweat), and studies have shown it may positively inhibit bacterial growth giving you a fresher feel for longer.

You may notice an increasing number of men's underwear labels, such as ours, making men's underwear from Bamboo Viscose or Modal (similar but stronger still). The reason being this wonderful skin feel, lightness, breathability and sweat absorbing properties, all of which make them a joy to wear in any undergarment.)

Trust me, when you try it, you'll feel how effective it is. A modern undershirt is a million miles away from the vest your Dad used to wear. It's not the same as wearing a cotton tee shirt either - keep your cotton tee shirt on the outside where is supposed to be. A modern undershirt is a technical piece of kit designed to be worn and not seen under your work shirt. It'll move with your body, stay tucked in and never wrinkle up. In truth, you should forget you are wearing it all together. What you will notice is a 'just right' feeling all day - and this time it won't be the magic of television.

We think we make the best men's undershirt in the UK. Don't take our word for it, try one for yourself. We guarantee you'll love it. If you don't, you get to keep it, on us. Check out our range now.

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