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Uber soft undershirts and the invisible mannequin

Robert Kay

Posted on October 10 2016

How should men’s underwear be presented online? Ideally on a hot model on a sun-soaked location you cry!

Yes we agree, but, because we are a new brand, still establishing ourselves in men’s underwear, we can’t yet afford to fly David Gandy to that photoshoot in Bali.

So for now we have three main options:

  1. On a model in a studio - yes - but good ones are expensive.
  2. On a mannequin - an affordable option - but it can look a little ‘inhuman’.
  3. Laid out flat - affordable and effective - but what if your garment is designed to be worn, not neatly folded.

The lay flat option is increasingly common in online retail because it overcomes the problems of models and mannequins. It also brings to mind the traditional shopping experience with garments neatly folded on shelves. All well and good, but, for us there is a problem.

Our luxury men's undershirts are are designed to be worn, not to look good on a shelf. The fabric chosen for it’s super soft feel, the cut designed to fit your body. Your body is a complex 3D shape, and so is our garment; 2D simply doesn’t work.

The solution? Using the magic of photo editing any garment can be shown in it’s full glory, being worn, but with the background and model removed. Its known as the invisible mannequin; not a dummy in sight. We hope it allows you, the customer, to get a really good look at how our undershirt contours your body to give you a light embrace.

Ironically it’s the undershirt itself which is invisible when you wear it. Deep v necks and short sleeves means it won’t be seen under your shirt - even a short sleeved shirt. If only you could feel the silky softness through your computer screen as well. Now that would be something.

Picture of uber soft undershirt v neckPicture of uber soft undershirt v neck

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