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Positive Changes - Thanks to some Simple Feng Shui

We’ve just relocated our office.  It’s now moved from being cramped under the stairs to a prime location;  the largest room upstairs (in our somewhat small cottage).  It feels good, we love it.  Simple changes making for a happier working day.

Picture of office desk

We have a good friend, Sanjana, and a basic Feng Shui cure book to thank for seeing the obvious.  In Feng Shui terms the office is “like a microcosm within the macrocosm of your home… wherever it falls … it will be influencing every facet of your life”.

Since giving up paid full-time work we hadn’t before considered how detrimental having the desk beneath the stairs was.  This was the place we spent most of our lives and it was in a dark space under the stairs!

Since the change we are fitter (we walk up and down the stairs more) and working in a more balanced way (we stop at some point in the evening and have dinner downstairs).  Running our own business will always take more hours than we have but at least they are now spent in a comfortable room.

Thanks Sanjana; thanks Feng Shui

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