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New manufacturing partner, new designs, new materials

Written by Yvonne Roach
Co-founder and chief organiser

We are working with a new UK manufacturing partner - Sequin Designs

We're delighted to be working with a new manufacturing partner, Sequin Designs, based in Leicester. We are sad to say that our original manufacturing partner, East End Manufacturing, based in London, closed down. As it's important to us (and many of you) to make our product in the UK, we searched for another British garment manufacturer until we found the right partner. We know that with your support we will be able to continue to make our men's undershirts in the UK. It may cost a little more, but we think it's worth it.

We've been working alongside Sequin Designs to both continue making our bamboo undershirts and to explore other fabric options. Sequin designs introduced us to a UK mill, also based in Leicester. 

New fabric - milled and dyed in the UK

We are currently trialling new materials and are loving a new modal fabric.

The modal fabric is just as super-soft as our current bamboo fabric and is even lighter weight. We are testing the material and will then get some samples made and ask some customers to trial it for themselves.

The advantage of using this UK mill is that we can get a number of different colours dyed, and we're excited to be able to offer a wider colour range soon.

Re-stocking of Robert Owen Chester V-neck

It took us a while, and we apologise for running out of stock (small business, beginner’s error of judgement). We have now re-stocked your favourite and our best selling undershirt, the Chester V-neck.

Chester V neck undershirt in Ivory Whits Chester V neck undershirt in Tan Chester V neck undershirt in Sky Blue Chester V neck undershirt in navy blue

It took longer than we wanted (due to our manufacturer closing down – see above) but we have (finally) received more stock. We've also a special discount code for multi-buys this month (July) for those of you on our mailing list. If you want our offers, be sure to sign up!

We've had many requests for a larger size, and so we've made some XXL in the Chester V-neck. Other than a new manufacturer it's the same product, made from super-soft bamboo fabric.

We're currently updating designs.

We are currently in the process of some redesigns. This is a critical part of what we do, and it takes us time and testing.

Picture of founders designing undershirts

Design changes we are trialling:

A slightly shorter length for the Chester undershirt 

A wider and deeper neck in the Chester design for those of you who like two buttons undone

A long sleeved version of the Chester undershirt for colder days in winter and to use when skiing 

The addition of a light grey and a darker brown colour

The addition of XXL sizing in both Chester and Oxford (sweat protect) undershirts

We are also working on increasing the Sweatproof ability of the Oxford sweat protect undershirt design. This is proving difficult as we are finding the undershirt has a tendency to lose its shape with additional underarm protection. We will keep working on the design and hope to have a prototype later in the year, although this is unlikely to be manufactured until next year.

In the meantime, we will make some more of the current design for those of you waiting for XL and XXL.

Lots to keep us busy and lots to look forward to in the next half of the year!

Lots to keep us busy and lots to look forward to in the next half of the year!


Oxford men's undershirt in bamboo Chester V-Neck  Picture of Chester crew neck men's undershirt

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