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Showing undershirts in their best light (In the Alps)

Written by Robert Owen Kay
Founder and designer
Picture of Robert Owen Kay


Online retail has the constant challenge of how to showcase your product to the world. Sure, a regular bricks and mortar store has it's own challenges, but it does have one huge advantage - the product is 'in the room'; available to be held and touched. In the virtual world everything is done at distance. Customers have to initially interpret your product from the way it is presented on a screen. Product pictures need show not only what the product is, but how it moves, what it feels like to wear and, to some extent how/why/where the customer might use it.

With that in mind the team at Robert Owen thought it about time we get into video as a way to showcase our soft and comfortable undershirts for men. Take the crew neck undershirt for instance. Not only is it perfect as an undershirt you can wear under dress shirt and tie, it also makes a great sports top, not to mention possibly the most comfortable men's pyjama top for lounging around in after a hard day. Why so? Because the bamboo viscose fabric we use is natural on the skin, breathable and quite stretchy so it's just as ideal for running or lounging as it is taking care of your undershirt needs in the office. So how do we show all of this to our customers?

Well we started with a little video, shot during one of our trips to Slovenia. There's a spot where I take my run where the view is literally stop-you-in-your-tracks-beautiful. So we did our best to capture the view, and the sky blue undershirt, both doing their thing. We hope you like it.


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