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Bikes, Boats & Photoshoots in Amsterdam

That feeling, when you pull back the curtains in your hotel room and blink at the new day in a new city. People going about their business, shops and cafes, cars and bikes … good lord look at all the bikes! Hello Amsterdam.

And so it was. Three days of catching up with old (and new) friends, boats, bikes and Robert Owen Undershirt photoshoots. The best mix of business and pleasure. ‘Dank je’ to the Sir Albert Hotel for resting our tired heads on your oh so fluffy pillows, and to the Foodhallen for delicious street food vendors filling our hungry tummies.

But most of all, thank you for the bicycles, the cycle lanes, the parks and the handy little basket on the front for carrying your groceries (or your new friends) home. We love the unbridled fun of propelling yourself through the ordered chaos that is Amsterdam. One big peloton of joy. We will be back.

Collage of photoshoot in Amsterdam





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