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Robert Owen Undershirts are Made in London

Robert Kay

Posted on June 01 2016

Through the narrow lanes we threaded, between the markets, past the super-cool cafes, the vintage shops, the art students, the diehards and the workers. The journey to and from the garment factory in the Dunbridge Street, London, E2 is always visual treat.

London's East End still has a surprising array of businesses tucked in between the shiny new developments and Victorian brick lanes. And so it is East End Manufacturing, the garment factory which makes our undershirts, located in a modern factory unit under-the-arches, as so many city based enterprises are so purposefully sited.


East End Manufacturing are rightly proud of providing jobs for skilled workers and supporting the community in what some may describe as the creative heart of the city. And we at Robert Owen are proud to support them as one of their many customers. Of course being local provides its benefits. For us it means we can pop over, talk to the production team and check the latest orders. For you it means consistent quality and the knowledge you too are supporting a garment manufacturing revival in the UK.

These days so many clothes are made cheaply abroad. That is all very well for some, but it's just not right for us. We prefer made in Britain. Besides we'd miss the journey.


Top image curtsy of RetroDesignUK100

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