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Great experience with Robert Owen
"The undershirt is very comfortable and the overall experience with Robert Owen is great. I am looking forward to ordering another one. Also, I love the idea of personal notes for new customers."
Andre M.
Excellent comfort and quality
"I purchased this for a wedding in Portugal; I naturally sweat more than average so didn't want constant sweat marks on my shirt but also didn't want something which would add lots of bulk/weight, to make the problem even worse. This product ticked all the required boxes and I felt comfortable and secure all day. Being longer in the torso than most I was a little concerned at first that it would not stay tucked, but this wasn't an issue, though I would perhaps still prefer it to be a little longer, were I being extra picky. I plan on adding a couple more in the future."
Lee W.
Works well
"Very pleased. Have bought another. Able to wear round neck version under twill work shirt without tie and neckline not visible. Thin fabric but absorbency great. Able to cycle between home/stations/work with backpack on and sign of sweaty shirt back or pits. Then cools you down well as it quickly dries without feeling wet. Have always avoided undershirts as too visibly unstylish but now the advantages of confidence not having damp patches on hot commutes outweighs this. Can also confirm can be worn for more than one day under a fresh shirt each day and no odour, at least for me. "
Luke G.
Excellent service again!
"I purchased the micro modal vneck in the heather grey this time and they are a great fit. I was reasured that they were the best colour option under a white shirt (Ctshirts white twill) and I can confirm show through is minimal.(better effect than a std plain white vest). Quality is great, prompt service and advice appreciated. Would definitely recommend and purchase again."
Stuart B.
Chester V Neck Heather Grey Neutral Colour (MicroModal)
"Very good premium material undershirt, I wear it to mainly protect my shirts from deodorant stains and the likes, I also wear it as a precaution against any light sweat showing through on my casual summer shirts on very hot days, it's a great item to wear and worth every penny, it's slim fitting too. The item arrived in a unique attractive parcel with a personal note to me inside, which is really nice. I will be getting another one in the near future. Many Thanks. Clive, Surrey."
Clive N.
Unmatched service and quality
"Have exchanged a couple of emails with RO for advice on choices and sizing. Responses were quick and made me feel that quality and customer care is first priority. Purchased Oxford Sweat Protect V-neck (MicroModal) and Chester Classic Crew (MicroModal) both heather grey. Fit and feel is perfect, so lightweight you forget you are wearing it after 5 minutes. Color is completely invisible under light (and darker) colour shirts, and just a *tiny* bit noticeable under white shirts. The only negative comment I can make is for the v-neck only (not crew neck): it is visible on most of my shirts and I wear it only under darker colours. The crew neck one is barely visible and I would recommend it over the v-neck if you are wearing ties. Will buy again."
Andreas F.
"Great service from Yvonne. Good product. Very soft. The heather gray undershirt worn with a white shirt is only very very faintly see through if you are standing too close. So overall it works well. Keeps you cool in the summer too."
Jag R.
Oxford Sweat Protect (MicroModal)
"Great experience, and a really good iteration on the previous product. Will definitely buy again and will let me friends know."
Andrew M.
Soft, figure hugging & very comfortable
"I’ve now washed & worn my vests a couple of times & can report that they are amazingly comfortable. For the price, this product is better than anything else I’ve tried in the past either st the cheap or expensive end of the market. A great discovery & I will be back for more soon."
Kevin R.
"The shirt is a perfect fit in medium, no bagginess or loose material. Unbelievably comfortable micromodal fabric, I will be buying a few more of these to be worn every day. Service was outstanding as well, the handwritten compliment slip an added touch of class! Thankyou."
Timothy J.
Chester Sports. V Neck (MicroModal)
"I had purchased a few of the short sleeve V Neck undershirts and was hugely impressed so decided to get a few of the long sleeve versions before the "Beast From the East" set in. The undershirts are perfect, warm yet breathable and not at all bulky like some inferior brands. Will definitely buy again."
Neil J.
Robert Owen undershirts
"Just wish I had discovered these items earlier in my life. The whole experience is a revelation. I no longer need to avoid blue shirts or need to try to keep extremely still to stop body touching shirt. Looking forward to testing in humid China later this year. Service from Robert Owen is first class."
Ian L.
Great product, great service and Great British
"cant really say much other than i love the products and have many different items - all are fantastic as is the very personal service. Absolutely cracking. "
Marc L.
Chester V Neck (Bamboo) - Excellent Undershirt
"My overall experience of the Chester Bamboo undershirt was very good. I found it a very good fit, and in particular liked the long length and the very soft feel of the fabric."
Simon T.
"I was already familiar with micromodal fabric via an American company so I was happy to try this undershirt as the bamboo ones are excellent. The micromodal is also incredibly comfortable and a definite winner. I’ll be back for more. "
Paul M.
One of a kind sweat protect undershirt!
"Wow, a great undergarment. Best I can tell this is the only undershirt out there with a small pocket under each armpit where the user can stick a sweat liner - if s/he wants to. If not, you still have two layers of materials to protect you. The material is top notch, it’s not harsh, thick 100% cotton. Robert Owens staff notified me when my size was back in stock. If buying in America consider buying a size or two larger (as usual for UK products.) Big thumbs up from this user. If they add new colors or different shirt options I will be coming back for more. I already bought one of each size. Love them! Hey Robert Owens - how about designing a washable armpit liner that fits perfectly with these shirts? Thank you from New York. Signed, Armie Pitz "
Kenneth R.
Really nice
"Very happy with the undershirt"
Christopher K.
Excellent Products Great Service
"My husband is an avid fan of these undershirts. Very comfortable, warm & they don't ride up. He has both long & short sleeved & the deep V is great under shirts or sweaters. Lovely attentive customer service with a personal touch. Can't recommend enough. "
Vanesa G.
Great product
"Very happy with this product, it is comfortable, well cut and thoughtfully designed. Good colour selection too. Oh and just a note, my favourite customer service to date :)"
Anil K.
Came quickly, worked very well
"The intended recipient reports that it fits well and looks to be very sturdy- will hold up to frequent washings. Thanks. "
Alice B.
Chester V Neck (MicroModal)
"Beautiful undershirt, very soft and fit is spot on, you just forget you are wearing it. Worth paying a little extra for a product that's made in Britain. Will definitely top up my drawer in the near future with a few more pairs. By the way great customer service from Robert and Yvonne, all my questions answered in great detail."
Neil J.
Great new product
"I bought five of the new 'micromodal' undershirts. I had a couple of the bamboo ones previously. I prefer the micromodal version - the fabric seems a bit softer and dries noticeably faster. This is a great product. "
Matt L.
V neck bamboo Tan.
"Excellent quality and service. Tan colour blends with skin nicely so can be used under all colour shirts without the obvious lines that even white can give. Will be ordering a couple more. "
Craig M.
Excellent product, great service, highly recommended.
"Beautiful product and excellent customer service. Will keep shirts lasting longer and taking the edge of the chilly air conditioned offices."
Sally S.
Second skin protection
"Fantastic product - well made and designed. "
Jim B.
Quality Garment
"Fits like a glove, extremely comfortable and keeps marks at bay on darker shirts. I bought the tan which is invisible on my darker and blue shirts. On white it is slightly visible although it may be my shirts. Suspect I will just purchase another in white. Good quality, I recommend you give them a go. "
Martin B.
Fantastic product
"The undershirt I bought for my husband arrived at the weekend beautifully packaged and with a personal message. The quality is great and I am sure my husband will feel the benefit of the fabric on the touchline. A great purchase."
lynne j.
"These are excellent - everything as described and more so. I started with 5 as a test, now ordering 5 more and throwing away my white tees."
Tim C.
Like a second skin
"I bought them again after the first test; light tissue, softly adherent to the body, easy to wash and dry; you forget wearing them. I'm currently using these undershirts only. At the right price. "
Marco V.
Oxford Undershirt (sweat protect)
"Bought item for my 16 year old son who recently started to suffer from hyperhidrosis. This has sapped his confidence. He was thrilled with the results, stopped any embarrassing problems and is undetectable under his shirt. His only request was to have it in a black crew neck to wear under more casual clothing. We'll be coming back for more. "
Melissa G.